January 02, 2017

I met Jack one time while his son Walker and my son were playing football. I never really knew what he did for his career yet today I find myself surrounded by his work. Jack was a professional adventurer, explorer & rafting guide throughout the world while searching and making discovery possible for us all. At the time we met I was just discovering my own journey with LOST & FOUND. In 2008 Jack had passed while battling cancer. A few years later I received a call from his son Walker who said he had all his fathers photography slides and he was going to send them to me. While coming home one night I had no idea what was to be delivered yet my front door was consumed by 14 LARGE boxes filled with his life travels.

Over this Holiday weekend I decided it was time to start viewing this work and as I opened the first box I was in awe of what this man had done. In his travels across the world you see how he touched others with smiles and love. All I could think about is how many rolls of film did this man take on each journey?

There are 13 more boxes to go thru and I am excited to bring this amazing work to life for us all to enjoy. I don't know why these things happen to me but as they do, I now understand the reason and my mission. ART. PHOTOGRAPHY & SOUL.

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The Lost and Found Collection