January 23, 2017

Today while walking down the street my phone started to buzz with information that Surfing Magazine will call it quits after 30+ years. I had to stand and look at the posting and read it again, then to follow with the publics response. Many of you know that Lost & Found started on the finding of an archive. That was in 2007 and I have dedicated my time and heart. You see, this is photography captured by Artists who really did live the dream that inspired us all. They sat for hours, days, months and years photographing our heroes one 35mm frame at a time. This wasn't the 30fps, 6fps, 4k.. whatever. These were the guys with a Century 650mm lens.

I was 12 years old in LA when I got my first skateboard and by 14 all I thought about was, how to get to the beach? From boogie board to that first rotten single-fin with the bungee leash that would take your head off, I remember racing to my room to go thru the latest issue while tearing out pages and posting my bedroom walls. For me it was the mid 1970's and regardless what was taking place in the country all I saw was the ocean blue photographed in ways that seemed impossible. 

My travel archive I built in 2007

Dan Merkel 2017

There was Surfer. And there was Surfing. I loved them both but as a kid I felt that SURFING had rebels. They were the REBELS "With a Cause" loaded with rolls of film and ready to go. Anytime. Anywhere. The names of MERKEL, CHANG, BARBOUR, TROUT, ROGERS, KAMPION, GILIOVOCH and the Legendary FLAME were some of the names that I saw from page to page, year to year and sometime decade. In the last 10 years I have studied their photography and artistic approach they each took. From water, from land we all said "wow".

Smirnoff Pro-Am / Legends by Lance Trout

Book, slides, negs and elements of the archive.

In todays digital world millions of images have been backed up to hard-drives with either cables we can't find, or old firewire plugs that are no longer available on our new 5k Retna displays. You see, technology changes at such a rapid pace that we don't think to back things up like we do which makes me think, In this digital world, have we lost a decade of photography? It has come along way but its nothing like holding a 35mm slide either placed on your lightbox or glued to you eyes while looking up into the abyss. Digital can get lost but slides live and can live forever. 

From VOLUME ONE to whatever happens I will keep SURFING alive.


 Larry Flame Moore                                             Bob Barbour


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February 15, 2017


January 02, 2017

PHOTOGRAPHER / Ralph Cipolla
PHOTOGRAPHER / Ralph Cipolla

December 13, 2016